Events of 2011

WJRS February 16 Meeting:Opening Up the Rose Garden After Winter - Tips & Tricks”
Have your best rose blooming season yet! At our February 16th meeting, we learned some tips and tricks to give your roses a boost after this snowy winter. A panel of WJRS Consulting Rosarians shared their insights and answered your questions. Some topics discussed included removal of winterizing material, spray options and timing, possible soil amendments and assessing winter damage.

Feb 18-20, 2011:  Penn-Jersey District Mid-Winter Convention. 
Convention held at the Eden Resort, Lancaster, PA. The registration form is posted on the Penn-Jersey District website at

WJRS March 16 Meeting:Pruning Roses Tips and Tricks and Q&A”
Our own Gus Banks demonstrated the best methods of pruning roses for your garden and for exhibition.

WJRS April 20 Meeting:  WJRS Annual Meeting and “Preparing for WJRS Rose Show Arrangements
 & Rose Show Challenge Classes”
At our Annual Meeting, we voted for the members of our Board of Trustees and discussed matters pertinent to the operation of our Society.  The April program had your choice of two workshops:
The Arrangement Workshop, given by Sue Gebelein and Iliana Okum, on specific arranging requirements including changes in niche size.
The Exhibition Workshop, given by ARS Judge Bruce Monroe, about the different WJRS Challenge Classes and how to prepare entries for these classes.

Saturday, May 14 10:30 – 1:30  WJRS Rose Day
Magnolia Garden Village
405 S. White Horse Pike, Magnolia, NJ

WJRS May 20 Meeting:  “Rose Fragrances”
What is the first thing you do when you see a rose?  Why, you smell it, of course!


Brenna Bosch gave a presentation on the classifications of rose fragrances, discussing why some roses do not have fragrance and explaining a bit of the history and science of rose fragrances. Representative cut roses of the different types of fragrances were also exhibited.

Saturday, May 21 10:00 – 1:00 WJRS Rose Day and Companion Plant Sale
Laurel Oak Garden Center,  Refreshments!
199 Tomlinson Mill Rd, Marlton, NJ

Sunday, May 22 10:30 – 1:00 WJRS Rose Day
Spotts Garden Center
646 Stokes Rd, Medford, NJ
(609) 654-4499

Diane and Brenna with a visitor at WJRS Rose Day

Saturday, May 28 WJRS Rose Day and Herb Weekend (Rose talk 11:30 - 12:00)
Triple Oaks Garden Center
2359 S. Delsea Drive, Franklinville, NJ 08322

Saturday, June 4, 2010 - WJRS 58th Annual Rose Show.
Free Admission! 
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm in the Macy’s Court at the Moorestown Mall
Thank you members, families and friends for all your help to make the 2011 Rose Show a great success!  With hundreds of entries and hundreds of visitors, we heard the phrase "what beautiful roses!" exclaimed many times throughout the day.

Wayne & Deb Geltz, 2011 WJRS Queen of Show - Veteran’s Honor

Congratulations to Wayne and Deb Geltz from Littitz, PA for sweeping the Hybrid Tea Royal Court. Congratulations to the many exhibitors who won ribbons and trophies for their entries. This year three of our newer WJRS members successfully exhibited their roses for the first time and we met several rose lovers who were inspired to join our society. What a fun day! The memories of this Rose Show will keep us dreaming of magical blooms yet to come.
 Click here for the WJRS 2011 Rose Show Results

June 2-6
ARS Spring National Convention, Winston-Salem, NC, Hosted by The Winston-Salem Rose Society

WJRS June 15 Meeting: “Invasive Species - Part 1”

Herb Minkus, head gardener at Medford Leas, gave a talk on invasive species, including rosa multiflora, and  tips on identification, and explained why certain species are termed invasive. Jane Weston introduced us to the Medford Leas Campus and described the many horticultural programs in which Medford Leas and residents participate. Part 2, to be scheduled at a later date, will include an optional tour around the Medford Leas Campus with stops at invasive species areas.

June 24-26
ARS National Miniature Conference and Rose Show, Syracuse, NY. Hosted by the Syracuse Rose Society

Wednesday July 20
WJRS Annual Banquet

Marco’s Restaurant, Indian Springs Country Club, Marlton, NJ.

A good time was had by all! 
Click here for banquet information and a list of our generous donors

WJRS August 17 Meeting:  “Recognizing Insects and Diseases of Roses”
Thrips, and Japanese beetles, and Cane Borers, oh my!  We found out more about the insects and diseases that love our roses. Close-ups of these varmints were also included in this talk and slide show presentation given by Gus Banks, Master Rosarian

Uninvited Guest

September 16-18: Penn-Jersey District Rose Show & Convention
 Sheraton Great Valley Hotel, Frazer, PA Click here for more information.

WJRS September 21 Meeting:  “David Austin English Roses for Northern Climates”

WJRS October 19 Meeting: "Informal In-House Rose Show"
Not yet ready to exhibit in the June Rose Show?  Want a chance to show off the beautiful autumn roses from your garden to share with the group? All were welcome to bring your blooms to our informal In-House Rose Show.

All entries were judged and ribbons awarded. Judges answered questions on the judged entries.

Betsy O’Brien with her Blue Ribbon Winners, October 2010

WJRS November 16 Meeting: “Selecting Roses for Success!”
Diane Wilkerson, Consulting Rosarian and American Rose Society Judge joined us from the Jersey Shore Rose Society.  Diane discussed buying roses through mail order and through local nurseries, the different rose packaging methods, and tips on how to handle your bought roses before planting. Ms. Wilkerson, who is our Penn-Jersey District ARS Roses In Review Coordinator, shared with us the American Rose Society “Roses in Review” program.

Bare root roses, waiting to burst into bloom

WJRS December 21 Meeting:  “Annual Winter Party”
Fun, laughter, good food and excellent prizes shared with your fellow rosarians.

“Santa Claus” miniature rose by Weeks Roses


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