October 20 Meeting

Come join us for an "Informal In-House Rose Show"

All are welcome to bring in some roses from your garden to share with the group.
Bring in one container (milk carton, bud vase, etc) for each rose variety. Make note of each rose bloom's name and class (see below). Short forms will be provided to label your entries.
There will be 8 classes:
  #1 - Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras
  #2 - Floribundas
  #3 - Climbers
  #4 - Shrubs
  #5 - Old Garden Roses
  #6 - Minis
  #7 - MiniFloras
  #8 - Any rose bloom that does not fit in one of the classes above.
The meeting room will be available at 6:30pm to members for preparing their entries. We would like to start the administrative part of the meeting on time. There will be members standing by to help with placement in the classes as well as exhibiting references available.
All entries will be judged and ribbons will be awarded. Judges will answer questions on the judged entries.

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